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The gong bath is an immersion in sacred and healing sound of the gong and the listener is bathed with sustained waves of primordial sound. During a gong bath, listeners typically experience a sense of connection and peace as the sound of the gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body.

Listeners have also reported a ‘fizzing’ or ‘vibrating’ of the system (possibly due to pranic stimulation), seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, along with symbols, images, and a deep state of relaxation With its ability to induce a spontaneous meditative state, the gong offers listeners access to parts of the mind that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness. At the same time as the sound of the gong is very physical it has been used to great effect with people with physical pain (back), muscle pain and stress related imbalances.

I offer gong bath in a small cozy setting with no more than 4 participants at the time.

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