Sound Therapy

Transform and Relax

Sylvia engages gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, toning, percussions and chimes in this DNA-affecting, frequency-based therapy

Integrative Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is the combination of therapeutic sound + reflection and enquiry = a mirror through which you may see yourself more clearly, allowing for changes to occur.

The sound used in a therapeutic way helps relax the system, allowing stress hormones to reduce, blood pressure and heart rate to drop. Brainwaves may lower which can enable you to achieve an altered state of consciousness similar to that before sleep and/or when in meditation. In this state cellular regeneration and hormonal balance/changes can occur.

The practitioner will facilitate the client’s therapeutic process through reflection and sound therapy with gongs and signing bowls.

Enquiry of what is arising in the sound session. The reflective practice enables the client to enter a form of sensory dialogue with the sound through resonance and resistance.

A sound healing treatment will last for around 90 minutes. In the treatment you will lie on a massage couch while the practitioner sounds over and around you. The practitioner uses a range of sounds to balance different areas of the body. At the end of the session there will be a couple of minutes of silence to allow you to integrate the sound healing.

For my practice I combine the use of gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, the use of passive voice (toning and overtoning) and various sets of percussions and chimes.

About Sound

The gong master Don Conreaux says “It’s the sound of the universe that created the world. It penetrates the DNA, the cells of the body. The main area where we can reprogram ourselves, correct any imbalances. The gong can act as a fast track to super-consciousness or the state of holistic self-healing. Because of its inherent nature it can instill a unity of diversity consciousness to the listeners.”

Tom Kenyon says “Sound vibration speaks to our souls, speaks to our bodies and bypasses the cognitive mind. When that happens a door opens and people can go through that door and discover miracles and mysteries of themselves that they never imagined.”

“One part of the brain is dominant in filtering the experience and for the majority of people that’s the left brain and that’s the logical sequential side. Then the other side of the brain, the right side, is spacial intelligence. It’s actually very happy with paradox and is comfortable with two opposite things existing simultaneously. The left brain can’t stand that. Research shows that when you experience pure sound without language, the right side of the brain lights up like a chirstmas tree”