Kind regards from my clients

Sylvia is a loyal friend to have, a wise woman. honest and sharp. When you come to her for help she is totally there for you, with all her being. listening, caring. Intuitively knows what is the right thing to say and how to touch. When i feel her energy i feel the kindness of San Pedro, The strength of Tobacco, the endless patience and endurance of the mountains. It is worth it to go see Sylvia for a treatment, You will get more then you were hoping for.

Merav Artzi – Medicine Woman – Peru

Sylvia is a most welcoming, kind and generous person, who has become a dear friend since our first meeting in Peru. I can highly recommend Sylvia for special, considerate and caring treatments. I really appreciate her intuitive led therapies, taking the time to explain beyond the boundaries of that which others would usually allow. I am grateful for our friendship, and look forward to returning to the valley soon. Thank you!

Amy – Hampshire, UK

Sylvia is an adept practitioner of sound therapy. I found her skilled in asking questions in a focused, but non-judgmental way that obliged me to reflect on the issues that concerned me, and on what I had learned about myself from each session. Her approach is committed and focused. I felt that I had her complete attention, to the point that during the treatment itself, I became entirely absorbed within the sound in a sort of meditative state. Her observations are perceptive and constructive, and aimed at helping you find your own way forward. I found the sessions I had with her extremely valuable.

Janet – New York

I had cranio and sound therapy with Sylvia and really love the sessions! I feel in very good hands with her holding the space. She has a real gift for finding the right balance between establishing a nurturing and reassuring presence while at the same time stepping out of the way giving me the space to just be. I always feel that she really listens to me in the consultation and asks very pertinent questions that make me inquire more deeply into my feelings. Sylvia has a great understanding of what she is doing – not only using sound or touch but also in a more holistic way, drawing on her knowledge and personal experience of other therapy forms and yoga. She somehow manages to be very methodical, clear and professional and at the same time playful, intuitive and unassuming. For me, that makes her very authentic and trustworthy as I can feel she is not just doing a job but she really believes in what she is doing and lives it from the heart. Her love for the sounds and therapies and her dedication to the people she treats radiates from her and makes me feel very safe and sheltered.

Every session with Sylvia is very special and significant for me and feels very healing. I feel complete trust to let go and allow the therapy to work, coming out feeling more energized and aligned.

I highly recommend Sylvia to everyone I know. To me she is a true healer!

Thank you!

Mirja Nissen – Yoga Teacher & Conference Interpreter

Sylvia’s therapy sessions have been deeply healing and tangibly effective.
She is extremely professional, intuitive, and her knowledge and width of experience as a therapist became quite evident in her accurate, yet discreetly suggested, insights in my potential blockages and obstacles which she discussed in a very gentle, caring and supportive way. I felt each sessions allowed me to access a deeper level of not only of physical but also and mainly of mental and emotional wellbeing.

Her therapy was a new experience for me, and being myself a therapist for many years I was surprised and intrigued by how it was at the same time a , relaxing , calming, energizing, balancing, insightful , physical, mental, spiritual, treatment. A perfect therapeutic almost magic potion!

Paola – Osteopath and Yoga Teacher – London

Being in Sylvia’s care, you know you are in safe hands. Her approach is both intuitive and utterly focused. I felt that I was being worked on at a profound level where thought and speech were irrelevant. This was my first experience of sound therapy. No other treatment has matched it since.

Janet – London

The 3 therapy sessions I had with Sylvia helped me a lot to pinpoint exactly what I should be doing to progress in my process. She is a very good listener and her years of experience allowed me to be in a safe an friendly space and quickly see a major shift in how I perceive things around me. I am truly grateful on how Sylvia helped me and highly recommend her services.

Otto – London

While on two different Plant Medicine Retreats in Peru, I had several massages with Sylvia and even went to a group Sound healing session with Sylvia. She has a gentle kind energy that I was thankful for and her massage techniques are skilled and on point. I would definitely recommend seeing her for both types of treatments. A gifted lady.

Mozelle – Seattle

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