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I-Resonance: Everything in the universe is made from vibrating particles and waves of energy

Quantum Physics shows us that all matter consists of sub-atomic particles which are in constant motion, flux and change. As a result, this motion generates measurable frequencies which then generates as soundwaves.

As such, nothing in existence is truly “solid”: the ground that we stand on, our bodies, our internal organs are not solid but consists of particles which vibrate at different frequencies. Audible and non-audible sound frequencies are continually vibrating us.  These come from the environments in which we move, the people we encounter, all the living creatures we meet, the objects that surround us, the foods we eat, the thoughts we think etc.

Similarly, by directing our attention to the choices we make in life, choosing what we resonate with and why, we can embark on a path of awareness, awakening and self-healing.

My purpose with I-Resonance is to encourage people towards optimal health and wellbeing through balance and awareness in their self-healing. From here, we can embark on a path of awareness, awakening and self-healing together. Get to know me more about who I am and what I’ve been doing here.


I-Resonance: Homeostasis, Harmony and Entrainment

Sound healing and frequency-based therapy has been used worldwide by shamanistic belief systems as old as 50,000 years. Shamans typically use the steady, repetitive beating of drums and rattles, power or healing songs and many other resonating instruments to move into an altered state of consciousness. This enduced theta brain state enables them and their patients to take a mental journey, leading them back to health.

In addition, modern scientific research and inquiry is leading us to discover the health benefits and associated understandings of aligning our deep biological rhythms to healthy high vibrations through entrainment and homeostasis. In conclusion, this inquiry is adding to an already exciting area of intuitive therapy and personal healing.

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