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Our skin is our largest sensory perception organ that runs the length of our body. Before we understand a single word, we understand and recognize contact with others. A baby can distinguish a mother’s arms wrapped around it from a stranger.

When we receive touch a signal is sent to our brain, which then triggers the release of Oxytocin (commonly known as the love drug) as well as the two other “happy hormones”, Serotonin and Dopamine. Touch is proven to lower the hormone Cortisol –a key component in our stress response. Beyond the obvious positive effects on our body, human touch also creates the ability to restore our minds and bodies with our spiritual connection.

There are various methods and modalities of massage as a practice on its own, each with their own focus and approach. Except in dedicated Cranio-sacral Treatment and Sound Therapy Treatment(s), the Intuitive Combo Treatment I offer is not just a massage, but a more holistic and balanced experience. We are all unique expressions of life and everyone’s sessions are completely individual and unique each time.

In general, I begin by using massage and shiatsu techniques to open up your body and to connect to its needs. I have found that through that initial contact the body relaxes and starts to show the patterns that it holds.

I usually apply sound in my sessions. Once the body has been opened and it starts responding to the treatment, the sound can enter and work in a more subtle way. Sound is a non-invasive form of healing which works with the innate wisdom of the body, and through a gentle but deep vibration it removes blockages and helps to integrate the energies that have been moved or have surfaced during the treatment.

Within the session, when appropriate, I work with cranio-sacral techniques, usually through contact from the head (or elsewhere as required).

As the treatment progresses messages might become clearer, sometimes the body will express emotions that it is holding, aspects that need attention, physical blockages, imbalances, etc and it will direct the progression of the treatment, the pressure, the strokes and how/where the energy of the body needs to be moved. Usually at that point the body is in a state of deep relaxation and communication, and it will direct the nature of the treatment. At times within the nervous system, or in more physical aspects of the body (organs, bones, tissue etc), re-balancing masculine/feminine energy, or cleansing and releasing what is no longer needed and it is ready to let go, -my treatments can gently help facilitate this process.

While I am not a mental health professional and do not claim to be, I can share with you my impressions of your body’s communication, and offer suggestions or resources that may be helpful to you.

Every treatment is unique and it is a journey that develops as we go along during the session. It’s not just a massage. It’s a healing experience.

I look forward to meeting with you.

In Wellness,

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